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On Vacation? Not From Running!

August means a lot - from hot weather, to back to school shopping, and also vacations for many of us across the country. For runners and non-runners, vacations are super important and needed and August is a great time to take time away with family and friends.

However, vacations from work, from day to day life, etc. don't mean vacations from our running schedule! It can be a little challenging to keep up running commitments on vacations as there is typically significant travel involved, and it can be tough to get up and run while sitting by the beach, or enjoying a cocktail in the afternoon. But, it is very important to get some activity in during vacations.

My best advice for running during vacation is to get it done early! You can be as committed a runner as anyone, but if you need to get in a five mile easy run, and you slept in and spent the day by the beach, and now it's 4:00 PM and the pina coladas come out, running is just not going to happen. There's no need to get up super early to run, but just a few minutes earlier can make the difference. Plus, a lot of us vacation by the beach where it can be very warm, so running early is much better than running late.

Yes, you can take a day off if you have a full day of traveling, or a big activity planned, but do NOT take a full week off. You will find it difficult to get back into the swing of things when you get back home and you'll be a couple weeks behind schedule if you take a week or more off from running.

It's important to keep running, but just as important to enjoy vacation! You can do both at the same time!

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