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For Boston!

I feel like I've been a somewhat successful runner (at least in my own mind!) over the past 15 years or so, from running a couple marathons to completing nine half marathons, to conquering the 40 mile barrier in 2021! But the biggest mountain for any amateur runner like myself is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Boston has always had a special place in my life, mostly because I went to college in Boston and spent four years of my life in the city. In fact, during my junior year at Boston College I worked for the Boston Athletic Association on a variety of projects. One of my assignments the night before the marathon in 2002, I was in charge of transporting the championship trophy from the Hynes Convention Center to the BAA headquarters about half a mile away. I was walking down the streets of Boston with the actual trophy the night before the race! Of course it was in a case so you couldn't tell that I had it, but I'm thinking to myself what the heck would happen if I was mugged and someone ran off with the trophy!

In any event, the Boston Marathon is the mecca and now that I'm 40 years old, the qualifying time is just a tiny bit easier as I will need to run a 3 hour and 10 minute marathon at the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon in October of 2022. It will be a tremendous challenge, but I'm going for it! I need my own running concierge!

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