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Becoming a Coach

Announcing to the world that I now have a business as a run coach was in many ways a daunting proposition. I've been a runner for over 15 years, but I had a serious case of "imposter syndrome." I have worked with a couple different running coaches and I thought to myself, there's no way people will actually pay money to work with me as a coach.

Not only a running coach!

But after thinking about taking the leap to become a coach, I finally stopped the thinking and started the "doing." YOLO. I've been a coach for many different teams (mostly for my two daughters different sports - as you can see in the photo!),

and being a coach is much more about forming relationships, building trust, and instilling confidence, than it is being the world's most knowledgeable person in a subject. Sure you need the foundation and the knowledge (my experience as an ultramarathoner and my certification through McMillan Running provided me with those items), but I am confident in my ability to be a successful coach because I want to help people achieve a goal. Like so many other businesses, this will be successful because of my passion, commitment, and desire to help people.

Anytime you try something new there is a sense of hesitation, especially doing something as public as being a coach. After all, you need to promote yourself and to get the word out to attract clients. But there's no looking back now, and I couldn't be happier!

Thankfully I am already working with a great group of clients, with a variety of goals who I know I can help! Let the fun begin!

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