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A new day!

"Take risks; if you win you will be happy; if you lose you will be wise." - Jean-Paul Satre

I have been thinking about starting my own business for a while. My wife, Christy, started her own business in 2013 (HealthyMe Living) and has had a lot of success, but I could never pull the trigger on starting something of my own. A big part of it was because

I was comfortable in my lifestyle. I've been lucky enough to have a solid career, working mainly in higher education, making a comfortable salary and going through life working to remain comfortable.

That all changed for me in 2021 when I decided to run 40 miles on my 40th birthday and my goal was to make myself uncomfortable. I wanted to do something hard, and I wanted to make a difference. Now that I'm coming up on a year on my 40 mile run anniversary, it's time to do something else uncomfortable - start a new business - "My Running Concierge."

"You Do the Running, I'll Do the Rest." #LETSGO #ALLIN #MAKEADIFFERENCE

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